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It's all about the bass

Well and Truly Made

“The name came from a Levis t-shirt that said ‘Truly made in the USA’. It was at the moment of ‘this band needs a name’”.

Two years ago and one song writing project later, seven musicians came together to form what we now know as the original band Truly Made.

DeanSince then the band have performed, recorded and written their way to success. “Being part of such a small music scene you just get to know people and make connections with them. We just asked people if they wanted to have a jam around a few songs.”

It all clicked for Jon Bowen, Dale Brider, Brandon Lauridsen, Hayden Lauridsen, Graeme Parker, Dean Parkinson and Matt Soong, the current band mates.

If the band ended tomorrow it’s been a really great band to be in

“The different people add something unique to the band. New singers and new instruments over the years have completely changed the sound of the band,” Jon believes.

As a result, the group don’t see themselves performing under one genre. “Soul, funk, ska, the band doesn’t fit into one style. We have a reggae feel but it’s not reggae and a bit of ska but it’s not ska. All sorts of bands influence what we sound like.”

The bandAs one of the main songwriters of the group, Jon focuses passionately on lyrics and music. “I start with a thought, which usually begins with an experience or something that I read just walking around town. What goes in usually comes out, so I start with a single phrase or a melody. But you can’t force creativity, songs are probably five per cent inspiration ninety-five per cent perspiration.”

Part of their success over the past two years is a result of the members’ musical backgrounds and passion. “I’ve been playing in bands since I was fourteen, so music was a natural thing to me no matter where I was,” Hayden remembers.

2014 was a particularly successful year for the band after releasing their debut extended play, ‘For the Summer’.

Hayden“The intention has always been to get our songs into a format, so when things started to evolve we thought we would get something committed in the studio. Then the money we made from gigs went into a recording fund.”

“We have had great feedback. Although people say we could have done things differently, we are all at different stages of life and shifting units is not our thing. It is about being creative with music and finding a space where we can happily continue being a band,” Jon believes.

Being part of such a small music scene you just get to know people and make connections with them

Playing local gigs is important for the septet. “2014 started really well for us, we played New Year’s Eve in The Square, which was great because the songs went down really well. It is encouraging when you get good feedback because a lot more people know about us now and we have got a fan base, rather than just Mum and Dad,” they joke.

“We try to perform every four to six weeks and that’s enough, because it means even though we play locally people still come and see us. It’s not busy, which is great because we can sustain our own interest.”

JonAside from world domination, the group want to see Truly Made keep going and evolving. “For musicians it is hard to go beyond what we are doing. We are passionate about being creative, which is the point of the band. Whatever we have created in Truly Made no one has ever done before, which is the amazing thing about music; it is always new. Music as art is amazing because you can never have it the same way twice.

“Music is a funny thing, you look at it like life. There are all sorts of twists and turns. If the band ended tomorrow it’s been a really great band to be in.”